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     Great Basin
               National Park


1922: Lehman Caves National Monument

1986: Great Basin National Park

Size: 77,180 acres

2008 visitors: 69,235

Stamp: ?

Rating (1-5): Unrated

About the Site

This area was first established in 1922 as Lehman Caves National Monument. Later, in 1986, 77,000 acres of surrounding forest land was added and now the Park offers high-desert terrain and hundreds of small pools and lakes. Dramatic mountains, Nevada's only glacier, an ancient bristecone-pine forest and of course the limestone caves offer the visitor plenty to occupy his time.

What You're Going to See

There are unusual limestone formations in Lehman Caves. Also, 75-foot Lexington Arch gives visitors something to marvel over. Not what you'd expect when you think "Nevada", right? There's sagebrush at the base of the mountains, and snow atop 13,063 Wheeler Peak.

Personal Observations

I haven't been here yet. It's a little, mmm, out of the way.

Getting There

From Las Vegas, take I-15 north to milepost 64 and US 93. Take 93 north 232 miles to the junction at US 6/50. Take that east for about 23 miles, then take Highway 487 south for five miles to Highway 488. Take that 6 miles west to the park entrance.

From Salt Lake City, take I-15 south to mile marker 248 and US 6. Take that highway west, all the way to the Nevada border, about 158 miles. Continue west on US 6/50 for about 7 miles, then take Highway 487 south for five miles to Highway 488. Take that 6 miles west to the park entrance.

Nearby Attractions

This is interesting. There are no Nearby Attractions for Great Basin. There are no National Park sites within 100 miles, maybe the only time that's true in the continental US. I'll get back to you on that; now I'm curious.

The nearest Treasure is probably Cedar Breaks NM, about 120 miles to the southeast in Utah.

Upon further review, there are actually several similarly lonely sites in the Continental US: Glacier National Park in Montana, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in Indiana, Gulf Islands National Seashore in Florida, Big Thicket National Preserve in Texas, De Soto National Memorial in Florida, and Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota. Voyageurs ... now I bet THAT's remote!