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1972: National Historic Site

Size: 12 acres

2008 visitors: 335,473

Stamp: ?

Rating (1-5): Unrated

About the Site

This is the home Abraham Lincoln bought in 1844, the only home he ever owned. He and his wife and son lived there in Springfield, Illinois for the next 17 years. It was during that time that Lincoln built his law practice and then began a political career that would lead him to the White House in 1861. The National Park Service has restored the home to its 1860's appearance, and is working on restoring a complete four-block area as well. The goal is to have the whole neighborhood look as it did when Lincoln left to assume the Presidency of a nation on the verge of Civil War.

What You're Going to See

Wandering through the restored house is obviously the main attraction. Visitors must get a free ticket at the visitor center before touring the Lincoln home. We can explore the neighborhood as the Park Service restores it to the way it looked in 1860. There are at least two other restored homes that offer insight into Abraham Lincoln and his times. There's a Junior Ranger program for the kids.

Personal Observations

Ah, someday I won't resist the siren call of Illinois.

Getting There

The house is located at the intersection of 7th and Jackson Streets in downtown Springfield, Illinois. The visitor center is located at 426 S. 7th St.

Nearby Attractions

About 90 miles to the south, in Missouri, are Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, and Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site.