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     Hohokam Pima
              National Monument


1972: National Monument

Size: 1690 acres

2013 visitors: none

Stamp: no

Rating (1-5):

About the Site

Located about 30 minutes south of Phoenix, Arizona, this site preserves the archaelogical remains of a Hohokam village that existed from 300 to 1100 A.D. "Hohokam" is a Pima Indian word meaning "those who have gone."

What You're Going to See

Nothing. This site is currently closed to the public.

Personal Observations

I'll give you some as soon as the Monument is opened to the public and I figure out where it is! Well, I kinda know where it is, but it's still closed. It was partially excavated years ago, then it was decided to cover it up for future generations to examine. So all you'll see, apparently, is level ground.

Getting There

Sorry. On private Reservation land, not open to the public, no directions.

Nearby Attractions

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July, 2009.