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1961: National Park

Size: 30,183 acres

2008 visitors: 1,185,068

Stamp: ?

Rating (1-5): Unrated

About the Site

This Park preserves the outstanding volcanic landscape of the upper slopes of Haleakala, in eastern Maui. The peak is just over 10,000 feet high, and this Park protects the fragile ecosystem of Kipahulu Valley, the scenic pools along Oheo Gulch, and many rare and endangered species. This Site was originally one of two units of the Hawaii National Park (along with Hawaii Volcanoes National Park).

What You're Going to See

Hey, it's Hawaii. How can you go wrong? Haleakala offers bird- and bat-watching, bicycling, hiking, picnicking, star-gazing, sunrise and sunset watching, swimming, walking, and whale-watching. Whew! I'm exhausted already. There are three visitors centers with plenty to see and do. I can't wait to take a hike on the summit.

Technically, Haleakala is still an active volcano. Aauuughh! However, the last eruption occurred in 1790, so you might be okay.

Personal Observations

I was in Hawaii about ten years ago, long before my National Parks mania took seed. I was smart enough to see Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and the U.S.S. Arizona, but not the other treasures Hawaii has to offer. So although I don't have any current plans to go back, I want to. I want to. I want to.

Getting There

From Kahului, take route 37 east about nine miles to Pukalani, then go south on route 377 for about 5 miles, then take route 378 eastward to get to the Park. It could take up to two hours. Mountain roads, you know.

Nearby Attractions

Gee, Hawaii is easy to figure out.
There are no other Parks on Maui, but Oahu has the USS Arizona Mem, Molokai has Kalaupapa NHP, and the island of Hawaii has Hawaii Volcanoes NP, Kaloko-Honokohau NHP, Pu'uhonua o Honaunau NHP, and Pu'ukohola Heiau NHS.

The nearest other Park, nearly 2,400 miles away, is Point Reyes NS in California.