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Why This Website?

Welcome to my National Parks website! You've found your online resource for every national treasure this nation holds dear. But I'm sure you're asking yourself, "Why another website? Why did we need one more source of information for National Parks?" Well, I'll tell you. One day I realized that I needed to have National Park information (check out the "How I Got Started" link for the whole story). So of course I went web-searching, but was I satisfied? No. Not one web site was complete. Nobody had everything I wanted.

It frustrated me. Where were the recent updates? Where were the Volcanic Parks, the National Seashores, the Scenic Trails? I wanted to get my passport stamped at every park, but I can't get the stamp if I can't find the Trail, right?

So that's what I'm planning on doing here. I'm going to chronicle every stinkin' National Park, every interesting National Monument and some that aren't, every treasure that has a relationship to the National Park system and some that don't. As long as they have a stamp, I've got the information. More on that later.

What We Will Do For You

You'll find it here - the name of every Park, Memorial, Trail, Battlefield, Volcanic Monument, Historic Site, Recreation Area, Seashore, Historical Park, Historical Park and Preserve, Lakeshore, Military Park, Scenic River, Parkway, and Wild River -- just to be complete. All the names and locations, all the information (when I get to it), links to other sites, and even personal information as I explore the sites myself. It'll be fun for me, and I hope fun and educational for you.

Hearing From You!

Please share your experiences - share your comments, make a suggestion, express an appreciation of this great and beautiful country of ours. Got a problem, Delaware? Bring it on! Email us here!

Update for 2009

Well, I'm in the process of rebuilding the website. Please have patience as I rework it, update the pages, maybe even add some decoration ... well, maybe not. But as I add page by page, they will be accurate and current. How's that?